25 AprThe Source of All Moral Values

The Source of All Moral Values

To say that we as mortals have moral values implies something quite profound. It literally suggests that that we tend to are, in a vernacular “hardwired” with such values. If we weren’t we would not have the flexibility to ever gauge when one thing was “right” or “wrong”.

You see, before you’ll be able to build such an assessment you would like to possess an “internal measuring stick” by which to create such measurements.

Therefore where will this internal reference or “measuring stick” live within people? Well many would say that it is something we learn through our lives say from our families, faith, courses on ethics, involvement with or awareness of the legal system and therefore on. In different words that the “moral measuring stick” is just a collection of rules we have a tendency to have acquired and is represented by the many beliefs we have a tendency to have about what’s thought of “sensible behavior”.

If this were the case then that moral measuring stick would be quite prone to being altered the following time some new rule was espoused by some “authority”.

In different words the whole foundation of what is or is not ethical would be once more on terribly shaky ground. This after all might additionally bring into question  the explanation we tend to have ethical values in the least as they might don’t have any place from that to originally germinate.

Now if you think about for an instant a state of affairs that you’d take into account transcends your ethical values notice where within you you make such an assessment. If you notice it closely I assume you’ll ultimately agree that apart from any beliefs you may have about the matter deeper down inside you furthermore mght have some feelings concerning it.

For a moment notice these feelings.

Notice where you are feeling them most intensely as you consider matters that I asked you to focus on. Currently do you “suppose” that these feelings were generated by you or did they merely happen to emerge spontaneously while not you having to try and do something different than hold things in mind?

The following time you come back to “thinking” regarding true at hand do you think that that these feelings will “feel” any different? Seemingly not as a result of the situation is what it’s and you being human will “forever” feel the manner you do about it and nothing will modification that.

So here we have a tendency to’ve come to an awareness of something within you that appears immutable i.e. your feelings about things at hand.

Not like one’s beliefs these are unchanging and hence hardwired in each human being. Isn’t this what we are calling the “internal moral measuring stick”, that that we tend to depend upon to guide us to the ethical high ground.

Thus if we tend to all have this moral hardwiring then why is it that we tend to have any moral issues to deal with in the least on this planet? Shouldn’t we all automatically be in alignment with them and living the good ethical life? Well if you shop around it’s clear that this is often not the case therefore one thing must be seriously wrong.

What do you recognize is that this drawback here? Well after you take a look at what we rely on to guide us in life it has terribly little to do with this internal wisdom. Feelings in fact have been maligned for too long and also the “mind” and what we have chosen to “store” there through learning has attained predominant mastery over our lives. How does that feel to you?

The entire plan of ethics is supposed to be about what is right and what’s wrong, but for whom? Well for you! In alternative words this inner knowledge is that the repository of knowledge and guidance concerning what’s right for you. That’s what will make you a cheerful, successful, fulfilling life. What are the consequences to you of discarding or even denying this inner knowledge?

Well it suggests that that you will feel lost, alone, confused, liable to being manipulated and exploited, and thus sad and unfulfilled. In other words your life and your success will be stolen from you.

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